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Become your brand. The ideal brand takes out the guesswork of your message and will guide the revitalization of your brand often resulting in an updated logo, elevator pitch, taglines, brand names, and visual identity. The Fox Business Group provides a mix of marketing and creative branding services to help companies revitalize their brand and create brands from scratch.



There are many channels to consider for an initial or growing campaign. It is not always immediately clear where to begin.  To ensure your budget is maximized, we look at your target audience, market opportunity, and the competition. Marketing tools may deliver one level of results when used alone or independent of each other. When you combine the tools into an integrated media plan – you have cohesive marketing efforts with coordinated timing and consistent messaging – the combination dramatically increases results.



Today, we have advertising overload, and the public tries to filter out as much as they can. But, there is the moment that grab’s your attention with a wild ad.  It reaches them because it may be funny, or some element connects with them, or it makes them think. The point is, if you want to reach your target audience, you need to dare to be different to stand out and get their attention.  Be creative.  It’s all about communicating a compelling message in a simple and interesting way.



Different than advertising or branding, we share useful information online about your brand, products and industry to attract new prospects and customers.

Content Marketing Process

  • Build a strong understanding of your customers’ habits, wants, and needs
  • List top content distribution channels – earned and owned
  • Integrate content with inbound marketing funnel to convert prospects into sales leads
  • Track and measure results

Benefits of content marketing

  • Delivers long term ROI – sustainable, re-purposed, long shelf life
  • Drives more website traffic – videos, infographics, blogs, articles, press releases, memes attract new viewers that become customers
  • Generate more new leads – qualified, motivated buyers
  • Lower cost-per-lead – less expensive than paid advertising and promotion
  • Builds credibility and trust with customers
  • Results are measurable – digital data easier to track and analyze



Our newest addition to our services. Photoshoots with Hannah Hook for your business needs. Hannah has been a freelance photographer for 4 years and has worked with different clients and models to create incredible works of art. These artworks will make any business pop. Booking a photo shoot could include any of the following or others depending on what your business might require.

  • Portraits
  • Product
  • Landscape
  • More!

Secret Shopper Program


The Fox Business Group LLC is pleased to introduce the Secret Shopper Program as a tool to gage your customer’s experience and provide feedback that is a significant value to your operation.. We recognize the challenges of a small business are unique to being a small business, and we strive to bring solutions that are cost effective. Our Secret Shopper Program is under the tutelage of Rob Ault, who brings over 25 years experience in the retail, hospitality and food service industries. Rob has worked in small local businesses to nationally recognized businesses as a trouble -shooter and consultant, bringing the skill-set to quickly and accurately assess your business in an insightful and practical way. Too often we see poor service, poor quality and apathy in local businesses that Leadership is not aware. These are issues that more often than not can be addressed easily and inexpensively when Leadership understands what happens in their absence. The challenges associated with gathering this information are many: your actual customers tend to only provide emotion-based, and usually negative, feedback. Asking your friends and personal relationships for their experience will come filtered by the very relationships you are relying on.

We offer four levels in the Secret Shopper Program

Level One:

We will use a single-visit,  unannounced and undercover with as little information as possible from Leadership to experience your business.  We will;  research your on-line presence;  call into your operation to see how difficult questions are answered over the phone. This visit is to experience  your operation,  your team and the impressions  that are made to an average guest walking into your business. After the visit, I will provide you with a detailed, high-scope report of all that I experienced.

Level Two:

This will be a multi-visit, and more detailed secret experience.   Multi-visits  (usually 3-4) enables us to assess your operation during slow times vs. busy times, experience all of your operation, begin to assess in-store leadership, and report on consistency of the operation. The analysis of the visits will deliver a detailed report, including specific suggestions for improvement, from all of my observations.

Level Three:

This will entail a Level Two shop, with one significant difference, the addition of a  meeting with Leadership (off site) in advance of the shop.  For example, if training materials are provided up front, your team will be assessed against the training materials and general impressions. Or, if store schedules are provided,  multiple members of the team as well as in-store Leadership are assessed. Meeting with  Leadership is an opportunity to communicate your specific  concerns to be addressed as we experience your business. We meet again to review the our detailed report, and discuss proposed solutions.

Level Four:

This is a customize experience.  An initial meeting with ownership will determine the specifics of the relationship, the shop experience, and the reporting. This level of engagement can be used in highly-specialized industries, if there is concern of theft or illegal activity going on in your organization, or if there is a leadership concern where specific activities need to be observed and reported. We will provide specific suggestions for improvement on each level, and you can be assured that you will have a course of action to improve your business.

Level One - $100 – Fully developed report, completed in less than one week

Level Two - $300 – Fully developed report, completed within two weeks

Level Three - $450 – Fully developed report, completed within two weeks

    Level Four – Timing and fee will be determined at first meeting, no expense associated with first meeting.